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SM Media Group is always looking for new talent

We are the leading Ad Agency &
Video Production Company in Boca Raton

Check out the positions below and feel free to apply. Freelancers welcome as well. 

Camera Operator / DP

We are looking for a strong camera person, who can handle the physical demands of the job. Must know how to operate a Canon C300 Mark II. Required skills

Good Composition

Smooth Movement

Build Camera From Zero

Understand Frame Rates

Impeccable Exposure

Excellent Understanding of Lighting

Take Direction Well

Line Producer

Must have great organization and leadership skills. Needs to know the local area well and has location contacts / relationships. Must be committed to projects. Required skills

Manage all moving parts of a shoot

Develop shoot schedule

Create call sheets

Organize and coordinate all department heads

Find appropriate locations

Handle permits and insurance

Strong people skills


Must have a complete understanding of lighting on set. Indoor and outdoor solution minded along side of being creative. 

Understand different lighting techniques

Full knowledge of color

Solve lighting problemsFamiliar with a wide array of gear

Great listener

Complete understanding of power (electricity)


Must have great organization skills. Needs to be organized and meticulous in how they handle and stow away gear.

Handle physical demands of the job

Listens well

Has a good sense of anticipation

Good preparation habits

Good breakdown habits

Production Assistant

Video Production Assistants must be fast, attentive and ready for any problem that arises. From coffee, to communication, it is imperative that you are on point. 


Pays close attention


Easy going

Takes direction well

Problem solver

Set Designer

Must have basic drafting and interior design skills. Must understand lighting and can interpret a script appropriately for the project. 

Strong interior decorator skills

Understands the look of different time periods and

      architecture styles

Research minded

Full knowledge of color

Can articulate process

Wardrobe Manager

Handle the management of the wardrobe for the cast

Basic tailoring skills 

Basic garment prep skills - ironing steaming - etc. 

Good organization

Good dress-side manner

Makeup Artist

Understands how to apply makeup for different skin tones, scenes and is fast.

Deep understanding of products

Know to quickly achieve appropriate looks

Full understanding of color

Audio Engineer on Set

Must have complete knowledge of recording techniques. This ranges from livelier to boom mic sound capture.

Understand gain structure

EQ & compression on the way in

Room tone

Capture foley

Mange minions 

Familiar with a wide array of mics and recorders

Video Editor

Must understand pace, music, timing and have a style that will blow minds. 

Problem solver

Complete understanding of Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, Divinci Resolve. Must be proficient in at leas two. 

Understand codecs

Basic color grading

Motion graphics skill in After Effects or Motion

Audio Engineer Mixer

We run pro tools. Must know pro tools in and out. Have a great understanding of sound design, frequency ranges, compression and all of the other things that go into audio. 

Proper gain staging

I/0 set ups

Mix in 5.1

Professional recording techniques

Mic techniques

Studio Musicians

Must be able to nail parts in 3 - 5 takes.​ Have a large music vocabulary from different genres. Must have some music theory knowledge and can read charts.





Graphic Designer

Must have an impeccable understanding of composition, color and typography. Photo editing must be masterful, and you must be fast. 



Adobe PDF Pro

Know how to output for print

Know how to optimize for the web

Web Designer

Must have an impeccable understanding of composition, color and typography. Must be SEO minded. Meticulous with checking and rechecking all moving parts are working.

Problem solver

Prosumer platforms



Java Script


Fully customize third party apps

Mobile friendly


Submit pieces for review

Account Executive / Business Development

Must be a self starter and willing to lear the ad business. For experienced pros, have a well developed list of contacts to call on. 

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