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TV Commercials should be memorable an trigger an emotional response that moves people into action...

What is a TV Commercial?

The short answer is a video ad that promotes a product or service. However, TV Commercials are so much more. They are the king of branding, advertising and they can have a dramatic impact on the success of a business. 


There are different types and production levels of TV commercials (learn more) some TV Commercials are so well produced they become famous, many of them are very compelling and are the driving promotional behind a company. Other TV commercials are just bland and blah. These spots sometimes can really hurt a company. A poorly produced video sends out the opposite message creating doubt in the consumers mind instead of confidence. 

What makes a great TV Commercial?

1)  It all begins with a great idea - Great ideas surprise people with either new information, or an                    unexpected twist to information the know in advance. Visually telling the story as opposed to just            saying it with dialogue. People love to figure it out, only if it's easy though. Clarity over creativity. 

2) Budget is the next big factor - If you only have a few thousand dollars to put towards the production of your new TV Commercial, you will probably not be able create something worth showing. Having the proper budget is paramount in video production(learn more)

3) The production company you hire - A great production company will make all of the difference in what your TV commercial will turnout like. A good production company will tell you the truth about the actual cost to achieve your goals, and where you can adjust the production to save money. At SM Media Group, we pride ourselves on delivering the most for the money. We also pride ourselves on refusing projects that are just underfunded. We have spent decades building a great reputation that is based on few key philosophical principles.


• Do not replace methods that work with methods that don't for any reason

• Put the client's best interest above all, even if the client is unaware of what's best

• Never take a project that is set up to fail from the beginning

• Deliver the best possible production for the budget

4) Hiring great actors - A major mistake small business owners make in the interest of saving money is, they use friends, family and employees in their TV Commercials. This is an effort to reduce cost. It is imperative that professional actors are properly cast and hired for the job. I  cannot tell you how many times we have seen, non-professionals fail, not show up, create all kinds of problems and ultimately the production ends up being crap. 

Does running TV add major credibility to you company?

It most certainly should. When people see products and services on TV they automatically believe that this company should be trustworthy. Unless the spot looks shotty and unprofessional. We often see local cable spots that really look local. Now looking local is not necessarily bad, but I think you understand the spirit of the word "local" in this context. Cheap video production simply makes for a cheap looking compnay. 

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