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Social Media Marketing


We are frequently presented with the challenge explaining the value (expense vs. return) of social media to older business owners / executives who believe in traditional marketing. Social media can be very complex for those who have no prior social knowledge. Also, there is an immense amount of bad information that social media marketing is inexpensive or even free. This also devalues its place in any given marketing plan. Here is what you need to know.

Your competitors are using social media.

You are putting yourself at a serious disadvantage if you are not present. Sink or swim. Most users rely on reviews as a modern-day testimonial when considering their buying options. Where a potential client may have asked a friend or neighbor for a verbal referral before, they will now check your reviews on Facebook or see if any of their friends also like your Facebook page. Social sentiment is a powerful tool for measuring the success of your business as a third party. If you don't have a social presence, users will likely rule you out immediately. Social media reviews and popularity is morphing its role as the new word of mouth. 

Users are moving from traditional to digital. 

Amazon is booming, and so is the age of e-commerce. Physical store locations are being affected. There has been a steep decline in mall and retail shopping for the past three years while online revenue has soared over 1.4 billion.  At SM Media Group we advise our clients to embrace this shift. It is critical that business owners invest in all three areas of marketing, mass, internet and social. 

Social media offers more targeted ads, detailed reports and measurable metrics.

With traditional marketing targets users based on physical location (e.g., billboards, radio) or network/interests (e.g., TV, magazines). Social media advertising allows us to target specific users based on a combination of particular identifiers such as gender, age, geographic location, interests, spending habits, and marital status. We are not talking about the newsfeed; we are talking about available paid ad options.  Campaigns can be executed with greater efficiency and provide detailed metrics in order to learn from campaign to campaign. This means a significantly lower CPC (cost per click). This translates into client savings.