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The future of successful marketing and advertising campaigns will depend on professionals creatively integrating mass media, internet media, and social media. SM Media Group has the expertise in integrating these platforms. Our team has been in the business since the phone book was many businesses primary source of advertising. We have been a part of the evolution marketing and advertising since the early 90's. 


At SM our process and team of experienced professionals will create an effective campaign that speaks directly to your buyers. Our process begins with many questions.  The answers illuminate the path to effective execution. Some of the questions we ask include:


     • Who is your market?

     • Who are they buying from?        

     • What motivates them to buy?        

     • How do we reach them?        

     • When is best time to reach them?        

     • What form of media is best?


Accurate answers to these types of questions give us the information that is needed to know which options will work, and which options will not. As we sharpen our focus the target becomes clear, and the creativity begins to flow. Different messages, images, and scenarios are explored until the best idea is discovered.

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