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Professional Copywriting & Messaging

It all begins with an idea. This idea must be so inspiring that it compels one to put it down on paper. Only when it is penned, does it become real.


Copywriting for who?

When considering Website Design...Copywriting must be written for two audiences, your market and the Google bots

of online text
ever gets read!

Does anyone actually read anymore? As marketing professionals, we write long bodies of text explaining benefits and features of products and services for people that we want to influence. We put down thousands of words in articles that we send out into the universe to help people understand what we know just a little bit better.


The question remains, are they actually reading this stuff? Research shows most people scan websites for large titles, photos, and other key elements to give them a general idea about what they are consuming. Researchers found that less than 20% of the text of any website is ever read. 

of all online traffic is generated from the first page in search results

So, why write all of this text? Although people may not be reading large bodies of text online, the Google crawling bots are. These bots are part of the mechanism that Google uses to determine where your site will rank in Google search. 


Our objective at SM Media Group is not only to write interesting content that is different from the rest, but to write strategic copy for Google to analyze and place your site higher in the ranks. Understanding the algorithms that Google employs give us a knowledge base to create what Google deems as high-quality content. 


Copywriting, the lost art...and why it's 
lost its luster. 

People have generally lost their patience with reading large bodies of text. There are many factors that play a part in the decline of people who read internet content.  Ad agency pros debate this topic all of the time. How ever we all agree on one factor,  poor writing quality play a huge role in why people have lost their patience. Much of what is published online is boring, incoherent, and just not worth the time it takes to read. You will come across websites with grammatical errors and typos, and this takes the reader out of the story.


Why is the internet littered with such bad copywriting? It's because anyone can publish anything online with very little investment. There is a reason why publishers are so selective about what books they publish. They are selective because printing is expensive. Promoting the book is expensive and the investment is substantial along with the risk. Publishing companies also implement an extremely rigorous editing and proofing process.  This creates the best scenario for the reader to have a great experience. For smaller businesses hiring talented copywriters can be expensive and hiring an editor creates additional costs. 


Content development is not easy, and in the DIY world of small businesses it is often distilled down to imitating what is easy to find on the web. Google’s algorithms have become sophisticated enough to detect plagiarism and duplicate information. Most small business owners do not realize this, and using such practices will actually hurt your website's visibility in Google ranking. 


Effective copywriting and why your brand needs it...

It shows the world that you know your stuff

When consumers take the time to read something you have published, they usually have deemed you an expert. Writing "easy to understand" content that is concise and even entertaining adds a tremendous amount of credibility to the brand. People will point to your copy with a position of authority when speaking about your industry. That translates into their high level of confidence to purchase your products or services. 

It increases your organic Google ranking 

When the Google crawlers recognize valuable content, Google pushes the site up in the ranks. Another key benefit for publishing content that is beneficial to internet users is, Google may reduce the cost in pay per click campaigns. If two companies are bidding on the same key words, Google may award the top spot to the company with higher quality content for less money.


Google wants to direct people to the content that they want to find on the first click.


This is such simple motivation to understand when writing copy. In this piece that I am writing, I have three reasons why your brand needs good copy. Anyone looking for the answer to this question, can find answer here, without having to sift through a lot of other nonsense.

It spawns other great pieces of text

For example in a well written advertising body of text, about a product or service becomes the base message for all of the other content that is to be created for this particular product or service. This includes scripts, product descriptions, headlines, benefit highlights and more. Great copy answers questions like. Who is the product for? What are the benefits of the product? What are the features of the product?  Why one should personally consider buying the product? 

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