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Corporate Video Production

Corporate videos should feel more like a short film or documentary rather than some boring talking head.

What is a corporate video?

One of the most powerful ways to get consumers or prospects interested in your products and services is to create a three to fifteen minute video about your company. This story telling video communicates the culture of your company, the philosophy your team leaders have in their approach to doing business. 

It also can show the history of how you and your team have arrived to the position you hold. Your position in the market, and your position in life. People love success stories especially when it told from the perspective of overcoming adversity. 

What is the function of a corporate video?

This type of video production is designed to give you the ultimate credibility. It is all about triggering a favorable emotional response to how you and your company operates. Corporate videos should be packed with sentiment as well as power-facts about what you do, and most importantly how you treat people. 

A corporate video should feel like a documentary or short film...

Shooting a corporate video should be entertaining and informative at the sametime. How many times have we seen talking heads on screen wanking about dry information that simply does not persuade. The reason why movies are so powerful, is because they are cinematic, they make us feel. How you tell the story is almost more important than the story itself.

As award winning filmmakers, SM Media Group has mastered the art of storytelling, and video production. Let us tell your story today. 

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