Indie Gathering Film Festival 

Thriller Movie Category

Best Actress Category

Fort Lauderdale Film Festival 2021


Written and directed by Salvatore Marotta, Matched is a provocative character driven story that explores the obsessions, betrayals and psychosis of online dating. This movie is a modern day comedy-thriller that exposes our deepest desires, fears and vulnerabilities through online dating. 



A hopeful girl loses all self control when her online dating obsession fractures her reality after a scathing rejection leading to his betrayal and her brutal revenge. 

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We are very proud to present this film the public. Everyone worked really hard on the film. It took sixteen months from table read to deliver.  I would be honored to have you watch my film. If you like the film a stellar review helps us tremendously. Thank you for all of your support. 

Salvatore Marotta


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