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1,000 Cable TV Spots $3,500 per month

Restrictions apply - based on your zone

As an ad agency in Boca Raton for decades, even we are surprised to see how affordable cable TV has become. The price of cable TV spots are based on the amount of people in your zone. The bigger the zone, the bigger the reach. Our video production company in Boca Raton is the perfect place to produce your next Television Commercial. 


White Female

45 years old
College Grad
She watches MSNBC


SM Media Group has revolutionary tools enabling us to pinpoint your audience. We can target your audience based on their cable television watching habits. Gone are the days of buying Television based on a we buy television based on specific demographics. 

We also have the ability to place your video ads in relevant internet searches. Have you ever searched for something, and then see that very item pop up on another website. That's what we do with your video ads. 

Unskippable ads are the wave of the future. Place your video ads in front of programing that is specific to your viewing audience. 


Video Production & Media Placement Is King

The days of guessing how to reach your target audience are over. We know who is watching what, and what they are searching for online. It is about presenting compelling video content that will influence your audience to buy what you are selling. 

At SM Media Group that is what we do influence buyer with compelling video content. 

How SM Media Group Does It

We use non-identifiable, privacy compliant, viewer watch data from cable tv subscriber households, maximizing reach to your target audience.


We apply the most up-to-date data, so we reach the right audience for your message.

By incorporating first party watch data, we are ensuring a more accurate target.

The result is highly targeted video ads.

Finding Your Audience

With our privacy compliant matrix, we have tools that analyze household cable tv subscriber and user behavior with data provided by Polk and Experian.

Audience Segments

   •  Age & Gender

   •  Household Income

   •  Frequent Quick Service Restaurants

   •  In Market for Vehicle (by brand or type)

   •  Travel

   •  Financial

   •  Education

   •  Retail

   •  Real Estate (In mkt. to buy)

   •  Frequent Travelers

   •  Grocery Shoppers

   •  Business Owners

Ads Place On Demand TV

Audiences seem to respond better to video ads that are relevant to them. We use the data that we collect to reach your desired audience.

On Demand Video

TV commercial inventory suppliers meet our brand safety and performance


   • Non-skippable

   • High view completion rates

   • In-stream only

   • No user generated content


Demographic Data
We Access it & Find Your Audience



Black/African American




Household Income

Less than $35,000









Age Summary

Adults 18-34

Adults 25-54

Adults 55+


Marital Status

Single (Never Married)




High School Graduate

College Graduate

Post Graduate

Employment Status 

Not Employed

Employed Full-Time

Residence Type



Video Production Boca Raton

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