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SM Media Group
Award Winning Filmmakers

Below are the films that have been written, directed and produced by award winning filmmaker Salvatore Marotta.

Click on the posters below to learn more about each film. 

Writer and director Salvatore Marotta decided to take his screenplays and put them on the big screen. His first feature film Matched is now streaming on most major platforms world-wide. It is also now streaming on Tubi TV for free. The knowledge and experience Sal and his crew has acquired through the feature filmmaking process is quite unique and invaluable to his Ad Agency clients.


Now SM Media Group clients can experience Hollywood Cinema grade video production for all their video needs. Sal’s ad agency is based in Boca Raton, and many of the scenes were shot on the streets of Boca. Local businesses like, Sicilian Oven, Zelman Interiors, Sunbelt and Stache Drinking Den all pitched in to help make this film a reality.


One of the most interesting facts is, Sal made the film practically by himself. He wrote, directed, shot (80% of it) executed the audio production, 65% of the score was written and recorded at the SM Media Group studio, and he edited, and color graded the film all himself. He is now pursuing the development of a few different feature film projects. Stay tuned for more to come.

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