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GREAT IDEAS!!! Is Your Marketing Helping Your Business? part - 2


Today I am going to address the concept of what is a great idea, and what isn't, in the area of advertising and video production. A great idea is simply a concept that is executed in way that moves people to buy your products / services. That's it!

I have heard it all when it comes to what people think are great ideas. Usually the concept of originality plays a big role in people's minds. If its original, then it must be great. Not true at all. Many times a person is inspired by their own idea, and then by default it is a great idea.....FALSE. Most great ideas are invisible. When a person experiences a great idea (in an ad) he or she is so moved by the ad, they simply are influenced to spend their money.

Nike has a brilliant campaign that has lasted over 30 years. Just do it! This applies directly to the lack of motivation that many of us feel when it comes to exercise. This also applies to all other areas of life. Such power packed into three small words. JUST DO IT! It feels like, just fucking do it, without the fucking. This campaign, dovetailed with an A-List of athletes endorsing the product, has galvanized Nike as the athletic apparel leader.

So I ask all of you small business owners out you think one of the Execs. at Nike had a family member or staff member come up with this slogan? NO!!! Just writing that in this blog feels preposterous, because it is. How many times have sat in front of a small business owner and listened to an objection that came from a family member, or his assistant etc. Great ideas need leaders who have the ability to qualify them. It is important that those involved in marketing and advertising decisions that they are educated about it. Nothing is more frustrating when an unqualified opinion is presented as something to be considered. Being a consumer does not qualify one to be a marketer. That would be like saying playing the radio, means you automatically can play the guitar. That's nonsense, playing guitar takes years of practice, so does marketing and advertising.

In 1988 The founder of Wieden+Kennedy Agency, Dan Wieden birthed one of the most famous slogans in advertising history. "Just Do It" for Nike. He was inspired Gary Gilmore's last words: "Let's do it." and he morphed it into "Just Do It" Garry Gilmore was a famous criminal who was executed in Utah for murdering two people. Right before his execution he said, " Let's do it."

Now I ask, what is an idea like this worth? On it's own its worth nothing. However with impeccable execution, vision and implementation....this idea proved to be worth billions! It takes a group of seasoned professionals to turn and abstract idea into billions of dollars. It also takes a brave, brilliant and educated CEO - CMO - CFO to let the agency people do their job and give them the resources necessary to make it happen. time you think you have a great idea, run it by your ad agency. You may just have discovered the next Just Do It!!! If you don't have an ad agency, give us call. We will listen to your idea for free.


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