• Salvatore Marotta

Video Production Explained

Updated: Sep 5, 2019


Hi I am Salvatore Marotta and I am creating a series of blogs and videos to help people understand the ins and outs of video production. I plan to cover this topic from two different perspectives. The first one will be from the perspective of business owners looking to benefit from what a compelling can do to make their business grow. The second perspective will be from the view of the filmmaker. I am going to cover theory and filmmaking techniques.

For business owners, I hope to give insight on what goes into creating a compelling video. I will go through the entire video making process. You will get an exclusive behind the scenes view of all of the different moving components of production.

You will get a clear understanding of what video production costs. I will help you determine a budget for your commercial based on your company's size, the video's purpose and what you intend to achieve with the video.

For filmmakers, I intend on becoming a resource that you can rely on for tips, techniques and in depth theory. I will will be doing product reviews, and I will also be taking questions.

Well I thank you for tuning in, and I am looking forward to seeing you every week, or whenever you are looking for answers.

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