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Social Media Marketing Strategies

It's time to change the conversation...

Our team has developed a variety of social media marketing strategies to increase brand awareness and engagement. We offer new account setups, posting services, strategies for paid ads, and great creative content. Our targeted social media campaigns can boost your presence

on the platforms that bare the

most fruit.  

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Partnering with SM Media Group...

You are adding decades of ad agency experience to your team. We focus on creating new opportunities for your brand to grow online. 

Greater Visibility 

Creating and publishing high-quality video content will keep your business on peoples radar. This will increase engagement and interest in what you have to offer. 

Trusting Voice

The type of content you post, and the tone of your comments greatly affects the perception of your brand’s identity. We seek to make your brand a trusted voice on these platforms.

Increase Traffic

More traffic is something social media is a great tool for. Everyone wants to be entertained, intrigued, stimulated or even find information that affirms an existing belief. When we tap into these psychological motivators, consumers respond. 

More Conversions

Social media  platforms have tools that are designed to target very specific demographics. Understanding how to use these tools properly can decrease your ad spend and increase sales. 

Brand Advocacy

We live in a world of reviews. Good and bad reviews can make or break a business these days. Incentivising happy customers to leave great reviews is a great way to publicly display your companies good will. 

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Quality Video Content is King

Video is the King of Content...

It isn't even a contest anymore. People are far more likely to watch a video than read text. People are also unforgiving when videos are poorly produced for a professional setting. 


You need high quality videos, that are quick to grab your audience's attention, hold them, and get them to act! So, put  away your smartphone, forget about the non-actor person you have your eye on to star in your production (because they are outgoing or good looking) and call the pros to do the job right.

Below are some of our professional services

relevant to creating quality content. 



Social media management

Creative content that pulls attention is how excite your followers. Creating and placing effective ads gives you a greater reach and triggers the platforms algorithm. Social media companies have teams of thousands of people who's collective effort creates this digital mechanism. There is a lot to understand about how all of this actually works, and it's complicated.


Each platform has the same singular purpose. Keep you on the platform as long as possible. As an ad agency it is our job to get the people to your website, or dialing your phone, or buying your products.

It is important to understand that social is the ultimate world of me. People build their own realities on these platforms, so it is critical to keep the user's interest at the heart of every post. Once a user feels like your content is no longer useful, relevant, interesting, or even lose them.

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Social Media Growth Strategies

The integration of both social and mass media platforms..

We build connections with consumers that are lasting and critical in achieving your goals. Although, our strategies include targeting the target demographic for your business, we go deeper...way deeper. We get an intimate understanding of what moves your market.  


We use key psychological factors that are dominant in the target  buyer group, then shape the messaging and use these factors as guide when making design decisions.


At SM Media Group, our social media marketing campaigns begin with an intention. Our intention is to get your audience to personally connect with your brand. We want them to buy into the culture that surrounds your brand. Then we can capitalize on these connections and use them to expand your reach. This dovetails directly into the quality of your website design. Learn More

Another advantage of SM Media Group is, we are also experts in the area of mass media. Creating a comprehensive campaign that integrates, mass media, internet marketing, social media marketing is what we do. So as a marketing company, when we are thinking about what type of social media campaign will make sense for you, we have a much broader perspective how this will best fit into all of your efforts as a whole. 

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Social Media Networks & Their Function



When it comes to users, Facebook is king with 2.8 billion monthly users. They have very specific criteria choose from when placing paid ads. 



Is the second largest search engine in the world. Creating an engaging YouTube channel greatly helps with SEO and web traffic. Plus Google owns it. Wink, wink...


Google My Business

One of the easiest ways to boost local SEO. It is the clearest way to tell Google your are open for business. 



Create a group of followers and brand advocates with engaging photos, videos, and Reels. Research shows that instagram helps 83% of its users in making a buying decision.



Great for B2B. This an easy place to link up business owners and decision makers. Target ads and intelligent content wins the contest on this platform.

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