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Website Design & Digital Marketing

Effective web design with the top minds to optimize your content boosting your google ranking.

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Custom Website Designs

SM Media Group designs all types of websites, and we do it from the ground up.


Our website design markets products & services, we build ecommerce sites, and even more complex websites that require sophisticated server side programming for custom applications.  At SM Media Group we understand how important great website design is to a company’s success. We specialize in making sites that are exciting, engaging and most of all easy to use. Meaningful and helpful content is key to creating a wonderful user experience. 

Websites are broken down into two major components


  • Familiar & well-defined navigation

  • Clear next steps

  • Quality product descriptions

  • Distinct CTAs

  • Invisible user experience

Web User


  • Scannable headlines

  • Well produced videos

  • Professional relevant photos 

  • Professional concise and clean text

  • Relevant to motivation of user

A pleasant user experience is ​what we expect from a website. Confusion creates a plethora of negative feelings, and those feelings will be imprinted onto your brand. Conversely an easy user experience is invisible. We do not recognize when something follows logic, simply because it is our natural state of being. 


With the functionality being invisible, the user isn’t concentrating on trying find what they are looking for. This allows the user to focus 100% on what you want to present. This greatly increases the chance that the user will respond to your call to action.

Effective content is what keeps a consumer engaged and it also keeps them coming back. The number one thing to have on your website are well produced videos that helps the user to effortlessly understand what you want them to know. Investing in quality video production is the single most important thing you can do to properly represent your brand.  


Great photos and text are also paramount. Trying to sound smart and look overly sophisticated will get you passed right over. Your text should be written on 8th grade level, and your imagery should match the brand and price level. When people 

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Your website is 
the face of your business...

Your greatest marketing asset is your website, it works for you 24 hours a day 365 days a year. It is where everything your business has to offer is on display for the public to see. This is why it is so critical to have a website that serve both form and function. But having a great website is not enough, you will need traffic! You will need lots and lots of people visiting your site everyday.  As a full service ad agency, this includes being your digital marketing consulting firm as well. We will drive the traffic you need to grow your business. 


If you have a well designed web presentation of what you have to offer, your site will influence consumers to move from browsing to buying.. 


Other marketing companies claim to specialize in a single area of marketing, like SEO or Social Media Marketing... We ask, how is that possible if you don’t have a complete understanding of all areas of marketing? The short answer is…you can’t. At SM Media Group we have deep knowledge of all marketing platforms, not just the digital ones. This led us to develop a new approach to generating all types of consumer traffic. We like to call it

DSO – DIGITAL SPACE OPTIMIZATION. This the integration of all digital your platforms into a single force that drives traffic to your site and / or physical location. 


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Our Website Design Process


In this step we seek to establish the website’s objectives, functionality, target audience and client’s vision. It is very important that we have a deep and clear understanding of how the client sees it all. 


Based on the answers provided in the client interview, we will present visuals that match the aesthetic direction discovered in the interview process. You can expect to see images, color charts, mood boards, and font options. 


This is a document that outlines and organizes the content that is to be included on the site. It shows content relationships between pieces of information that should be grouped together. 


A wireframe is a digital blueprint of the site’s logic and functionality. This document shows each page, its function and how they are connected to one another. If there are any flaws in the design or logic the wireframe will expose them. 


We present a series of static images. These images represent each of the different pages to be built based on the agreed aesthetic elements and wireframe. This is the step when the client will have the ability to make content changes, such as copy rewrites, swap photos, structural changes etc. 


Developers will build out the back end of the site based on the approved design. Once this is complete, the developers will add the approved content to the proper pages. At this point you will be able to experience the functionality of the website on a web browser.


At this stage the site is 99% complete. Only minor text tweaks will be addressed at this stage, then it is time to launch!

digital - space - optimization

Once your site is live, this is where the real fun starts. We are proud to present a new system of directing web traffic to our client's websites. It is called DSO - Digital-Space-Optimization. DSO is a comprehensive outreach strategy that coordinates all facets of your company’s digital footprint.


We connect all of your online digital platforms, so they are working together as a unified customer magnet.


We optimize, strategize, and capitalize on all the brilliant content that your team and ours created together. 

This consistency across all platforms sends a clear message that your business is top quality. 


We use specific keywords to shape how we want people to find you. When it comes to optimizing the content, one of our goals is to have your site reach Google’s high-quality content status.


This status has great advantages, and it has a tremendous effect on boosting your Google ranking. Even more interesting you will enjoy cheaper pay-per-click rates for top keywords.


We build landing pages, create effective pay-per-click campaigns, social media ads, and blast it off at the speed light across the digital universe.


We create and test click-funnels until we reach optimum performance.


Then it is about measuring, tweaking, and squeezing the maximum amount of conversions possible. 

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