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SM Media Group
ad agency & video production in Boca Raton

We specialize in high-end video production content, marketing strategies, ad campaigns and SEO. We drive new traffic, increase sales, and increased brand awareness.


We Create Marketing Solutions that Grow Your Business

How can we help you today & how can we help you moving into the future?

We are a boutique ad agency located in Boca Raton. We are a group of like minded seasoned pros who do big things. We cater to our clients, and we love what we do. 


Being an ad agency / marketing company for decades, we have learned to make the creative process exciting, easy, fun, efficient, and simple for our clients. We have a collaborative mindset, and we seek to understand exactly what you want to achieve.


We produce all of our own content in-house...

Unlike other ad agencies, we do it all in-house. From website design, to graphics, to audio and video production, it all happens here. This allows us to pass savings on to our clients, creating affordable productions. Keeping production costs down makes it easier for our clients to promote their businesses. 

Owning the creative process, gives our clients more freedom in how much they would like to be involved.

We do big creative...

When our clients come to us for a complete solution, we assess their budget, and we deliver the absolute maximum amount of value for their dollar. 

As a full service ad agency, we develop creative ideas to solve their marketing problems while staying inside of the budgetary parameters. 


Be Better... Be Different... Be Bold

Unique content creation is what creates memorable messages, and emotional connections between your brand and your market. With an overabundance of mediocre content lurking on all of our devices, it is more important now than ever to set your brand apart from your competitors.  Look at it this way, if your competitors are doing're not. 

Our we can help you


We understand your industry and your consumers...

One of the most important jobs of an ad agency is knowing the client's audience. Knowing who you company is  speaking to, what makes them tick, and how to move them is paramount. 

We also understand what unique forces may affect your industry. If there is something we don't can bet wet will find out.  

We track, measure, & report user insights...

Patterns of behavior is what we seek to learn. Tracking and reporting how a given campaign performs tells our clients where they may need to adjust. It also tells us where to focus resources. 

Using this information makes the campaign lean and mean. It will speed up positive results, and increase the campaign value. 

At SM Media Group we stand behind our work. We're not happy unless you're happy.

Owning our own space, gear, and time, we are able to work until everyone is satisfied. You can rest assured that we are doing everything to make the process fun, easy, comprehensible, efficient and most of all...EFFECTIVE. 

Video Production and Related Services

What people are saying about SM Media Group...

SM Media Group has helped me with all of my companies. They did amazing videos, impeccable branding and great customer services. I highly recommend using them. 

Matt M. CEO

Working with an ad agency like SM Media Group has been such a great experience. They built an amazing website with easy to use backend tools that made it very easy for all of the members on our team to communicate about our ongoing projects. They refreshed our brand, executed a robust social media campaign and best of all, they made this awesome video that really brought awareness to our communities where our homes were for sale. We sold over 35 million dollars in custom built homes in under 12 months. I highly recommend using these guys. You’ll be glad that you did. 

Lorraine M. Senior Broker  Barlow Builders  


I interviewed Salvatore and his crew back in 2003 when we were looking for a company to create a product catalogue for us. Since then these guys have done everything for all four of my companies. All of our logos, product packaging, videos, photography, print ads and I could go on. If you  can afford the best, then you need to talk to these guys. 

Steve F. CEO Sparktacular


We hired SM Media Group to be our ad agency 13 years ago to be our full service ad agency when Sicilian Oven was opening its first location. Now we are opening our 8th and Sal has done everything for us. Our logo, website, interior decor, packaging and of course our videos. One of our favorite things about using this company is their out of the box thinking when it comes to social media. Once we got 48,000 hits on a video in 12 hours.  If you are serious about your brand, we highly recommend using these guys. 

Andrew G. COO Sicilian Oven


We started with this SM in 2003 and never looked back. They developed our brand, website, all of our printing and best of all our TV Commercial which was a game changer.  This group is very professional, on time, and they exactly what we need. 


Dr. Scott H. HCPSIC


I met Sal when he would drop his son off at the park. We got to talking and I told him about needing to raise awareness about the park so we could get donations and keep it open. He didn't even hesitate. He offered his video production company's services. He produced a short documentary film for us for free. I was floored. What a great guy. He really loves people and gives back to the community.

Cindy S. CEO Drop In

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