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Why Choose Our Ad Agency?



We Listen

One of the the most important jobs of an Ad Agency is to listen to the client. At SM Media Group we listen well, and we are eager to learn about your company, your products and services.


What moves you? What's your vision? How do you see it?  How can we best fit in to the picture? Understanding your needs is the first step we take in forging a solid, trusting relationship.


We Cater To Our Clients

Every company has a different culture. Every business owner or board has a different way of doing things. At SM Media Group, we show great flexibility in adapting to your business style while maintaining critical protocols and processes that guarantee top quality Ad Agency level work.


Some of the qualities our clients love about us is, the ability to turn things around rapidly. Sometimes opportunities arise that require fast-tracking the production of a project, and that's us. However, we will never replace methods that work with methods that don't, so can rest assured that quality will never be compromised. 

We Have Decades of Experience

Each of our team members has over two decades of experience. Our creative director has over 25 years in the ad agency business. Our production team has even more.


When it comes to a reliable process, extensive track record, and the work to prove it, SM Media Group fires on all cylinders. 

Our Work Speaks For Itself

Top quality Ad Agency work you get right here in Boca Raton. You do not need to travel to NYC or LA or even Miami. We service big brands from Starbucks, to BMW to the City of Pompano Beach. Our creativity is off the charts, however we never sacrifice clarity. Our motto is clarity over creativity. 

We Put Your Best Interest First

Unlike the traditional "ad agency" of past, or today's ad salesperson, we will never put an opportunity to profit over what is in your company's best interest. Today there are a lot of people selling ad space in print, cable TV, outdoor, and they are doing it without any real information about how these mediums can help your specific business. Just because they are selling the ad space does not mean they are advertising experts. I assure you, they haven't clue. 

At SM Media Group, we only recommend ad space that will work for your business. Our recommendations are always based on achieving the specific goals and objectives set by our client. 

Your best interest is our best interest. 

We Have A Proven Process

One of the best tell tale signs of a professional is that they have a process that is accompanied with a successful track record. We bring our processes to the table, and we disclose how we do what we do. We believe the more we keep the client in the loop, the better the results will be. This also helps our clients trust us with making marketing and advertising decisions.

We Research, Test
Track, Measure & Report

What is a promise without proof? Tracking measuring and testing is the only way to gain the confidence of business heads to invest big dollars into a given campaign.


We use tools such as focus groups, test ads, interviews, surveys and of course all of the online

analytical tools available. 

Most ad agencies have abandoned the tools of discovering how well an ad will work as an ad itself. With a new generation of marekters having grown up on Google, they seem to be hyper focused on search and conversion analysis. We agree that their emphasis is proper, however what we are saying is they are skipping as step. The step is in testing the visuals, or the script before we get to search analysis.

We Produce All Of Our Work In-house

It is common for an ad agency to produce some of their own work, however, most of them send most of it out. At SM Media Group, our ad agency produces everything in-house. This give us the ability control the quality, the schedule, and most importantly the cost. Some projects require a lot, some require a little, having control over the creative means we can be creative with how we execute a project. So...if there is a way to get a similar result for less, we can do it, and pass the savings on to you. 

We Have A Full Production Audio & Video Studio

The most unique feature about our ad agency is, we have full services audio and video production studio on site. I am not talking about an edit bay where video is edited, I am talking a cyclorama wall with studio lighting. We are fully equiped with the latest cinema camera gear, audio recording gear and everything one would need to shoot a feature film. Oh yeah -  been there done that too. Salvatore Marotta our creative director is an award winning filmmaker for the movie Matched which is streaming world-wide. You can see it on Tubi, Amazon Prime, Google Play and many others. 

Now that the world had moved to video, you need an ad agency that have a strong expertise and facility to produce hi-quality video content. If you would like to see our Our studio and ad agency is located in Boca Raton. 

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