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Video is no longer just a nice option to have... it's a necessity.

Video production uses tools that make it much easier, and more precise in setting the tone of how a message or a story is received. Mastering the use of these powerful tools such as moving pictures, dialogue, sound effects, and music, helps us trigger emotions that controls how your audience perceives the story. Unlike in print, although a powerful medium for sure, it does not compare to the medium of video. In print or still ads, we find reading comprehension and message interpretation to be formidable barriers. 


So, if a picture says a 1,000 words, a video would be the whole book. 

A long pause, a telling look, or a simple melody is far more powerful than any printed ad or body of copy. How many people watch the training montage from a ROCKY MOVIE and decide to begin a health program. The emotions are powerful, contagious and compel people to act. This is exactly what we do, we compel people to act. 

By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82%
of all consumer internet traffic 15 times higher
than it was in 2017 

Learn more about....


Our Ad Agency and In House Video Production Studio
is conveniently located in East Boca Raton

We produce content for companies across the country. However, if you are in our backyard, come by the studio and take a look for yourselves. We would love to host you and your team.


Online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic in 2022. That's 15 times higher than it was in 2017. 


Users spend 88% more time browsing websites with videos opposed to still images and text. People are looking for entertaining information.

consumer watch video.png

72% of consumers use videos to learn or get information. They prefer DIY videos about a product instead of reading a user's manual.


Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it through video as opposed to reading. 

Video Statitics

82% of users find it off-putting to watch videos that are not well produced or optimized for their chosen orientation.  

Video Production Fact! Your credibility is on the line...

The good enough attitude is just not good enough anymore. If you deliver the same quality production that consumers themselves can produce with their phones, how can they look up to you as an authority in your industry, or even take your brand seriously?


Not all videos are created equally. There is a reason Nike will spend a million dollars on a 30 second spot. There is a reason why they DO NOT have one of their family members use an iPhone or DSLR make a low budget video. Its because it just doesn’t work.


Nike doesn't invest in high quality video production because they are successful, they are successful because they invest in high quality video production. 


Nike is a great example of a company who has consistently invested into their brand since its inception in 1964. Now we are not suggesting that your video needs to cost one million dollars, however...if you invest in your brand with high quality video production, you and your buyers will be glad that you did. 


Video Production Workflow

Video Concept

Creating a winning video concept is the foundation of successful video production. It begins with the message, the story, the look and feel of the video. As a marketing communications firm it is our job to create original and memorable ideas that work.



Once we are on the same page with a banging concept, we will write an amazing script. A script is comprised of dialogue, action and other key elements that tell the story. 


Create Story Boards

Storyboards are an illustrated version of key shots in the script. To check out an example of some story boards click here.


Location Scouting

Our line producer (Brandon Perry) is an expert at scouting the best location for each unique production,. He has worked on major motion pictures such as Jurassic World and American Made. 

Casting Call

We have access to literally thousands of actors and voice over talent nationwide. Our relationships range from local talent agencies to Hollywood Casting Directors. However, we have access to best talent right here in Boca Raton. Attend a casting where you can sit in our comfortable studio and participate in the talent selection process.


Time to go from idea to execution. We film everything on our own cinema grade cameras using the industry’s best production gear. Customarily the crew will arrive about an hour before the cast. During this time the crew will set up for the first shot and prepare for executing the day’s plan.  


Postproduction Editing

Cutting the video consists of watching all of the footage twice, selecting the best takes, and creating a sequence. The pacing and transitions are dictated by the style of the video. 


Color Correction

Color grading is the visual polish of the video. It is the last visual element that physically effects the footage. 

Sound Design

Most production companies don’t have an in-house professional recording studio, music producer, or an audio engineer. We have all three! In fact, at our recording studio in Boca Raton, we have two-time Grammy Award Nominee Bob Rosa as our top audio engineer.  Phillip Chase Weatherspoon who has produced national artists who have sold over 12 million records is also part of the team. For more info on our audio facility, click here

Previews & Revisions

Along the way we present the progress in different stages to give you, the client a chance to have input during the final stages of development. 

Video Production Workflow
Pre Production Services


Messaging & Precision Planning

In this stage of the video production process, all of the planning, budgeting, and decisions about what the video will become are made. 

Decide the goal of the video

What is the videos purpose? Is it to generate leads, increase traffic, convert sales, introduce a new product, increase brand awareness, or create a shift in brand perception. Reaching a high level of clarity during the preproduction process is paramount in generating a great result.

Decide who the video is for

Are we targeting women, middle-aged people, existing customers etc. If you think your video is for everyone, then your video will not be for anyone.

The creative concept

This is the idea of what the video will actually be "The Storyline." For example if we were marketing Nike Women shoes, our story may be how our sneakers empower women through exercise. The story could be the internal dialogue of a woman describing the challenges in her life as she prepares to exercise.

Writing a script

A script is where the dialogue and action sequences are written in script format. The script includes locations, time of day, mood and all other details related to each shot.

Storyboard illustration

Story boards are still graphic diagrams that express the main shots of the scene. Much like a comic book, a story board will show the details needed in each cell to explain how the scene is to be shot. 

Location scouting

Although some businesses use their company location for their video shoots, it is most common to have second and third location for each production. These locations are found and secured far in advance of production day.

Finding the right talent for you video production, such as an actor or voice over talent, is paramount. It is arguably one of the biggest decisions that has the greatest influence on the outcome of the production

from Matched
Story boards
Production Day

Video Production

Catering to our clients...

Your experience as a client is as equally important to us as creating an amazing video.

We will do our best to make you comfortable and apprised to what is happening in realtime. 

We always start on time

We are punctual, we are efficient and there is no time to waste. 

We use state-of-the-art-cinema gear

This means we are not showing up with a photography camera making an attempt at video production with a couple of cheap lights. We show up with cinema grade production gear. 

We are problem solvers

Our team is excellent at creating unique solutions to unforeseen obstacles that sometimes arise through the course of a day. 


Postproduction Services

Video Editing

We are able to cut everything from a feature film to a thirty second spot. Timing and pacing are key to a great edit. 

Color Grading

Adding color to video is an art into itself. The process is complicated and takes a high level of expertise. At SM Media Group we have some of the best graders in the business. 

Sound Design

Adding music, sound effects and getting the dialogue to pop while sitting in the mix counts for over 50% of the video quality. 

Animated Graphics

Motion graphics are key to highlighting important elements of a video. Well executed animation can add excitement and dynamics to your message. 

Post Production
Drone Services

Drone Services in Boca Raton

Marvel over high quality, breath taking aerial shots. Our pilots are skilled at achieving that cinematic look that only comes from experience. Drone footage is fantastic for real estate, automobile tracking shot and large birds-eye establishment shots. Really the sky is the limit when shooting with a drone. 

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