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Integrating video with the net
the best solutions and trends for 2022

Well executed video production is the key to successful marketing. Studies show that the use of well produced video shortens sales cycles by 86% and people are five times more likely to buy if they consume video content that features a the product of interest. 


We don't follow the trends we set them

As a full service Ad Agency, SM Media Group has always been a marketing and advertising company first. Our ad agency is now located in Boca Raton. It's all about understanding the why, the who and what before pulling the trigger. In an environment where people choose and filter what ads they see, the climate has never been more dynamic and challenging. It is more important now than ever to have a clear message pointed exactly at who should be receiving it. 

Marketing Strategy

We ask and answer the following questions:

Who are we speaking to?

What moves these people?

Where are they spending their money?

What is the fastest and most economical path to connect?

Creative Content

We listen to the market, and we then analyze your competitors. We propose an idea, and then we turn that idea into a video, an ad, a website or whatever is required to convey the message. 

Our motto is clarity over creativity. Other agencies boast about how creative they are. That should be a's about hard the message hits, not how smart you seem. No one likes a smarty pants anyway.


We launch the campaign to the market with clarity and precision. 

Quality Content = Meaningful Connections
Meaningful Connections = Sales

With all of our years in the ad agency business we have learned one thing, it all boils down to communication. As technology continues to leap forward, it births new ways for merchants to communicate with potential buyers. At SM Media Group, we understand the ever changing landscape and we use this information to craft exciting and unique marketing campaigns.

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Marketing Strategy...

Businesses with a marketing plan are 76% more likely to succeed than those that don't.

Including video production increases your chances of success even more...

As an ad agency and marketing company, we know how important a marketing plan is. A marketing plan is a document that outlines the advertising and promotional strategy that a company will implement to create traffic, new sales and reach its target market. It also outlines and fleshes out the PR campaigns and advertising mediums to be used over different segments of time. This includes measuring the performance of the plan.


The components and functions of a marketing plan include:

  • Market research

  • Targeted messaging based on demographics and geographic location.

  • Media outlets and the ratio between them

  • Metrics that measure the result

Social Media Marketing has become such an influential market force, that that is important to integrate social media into each aspect of the marketing plan. Especially where digital marketing is concerned. This integration should include:

Social Media Ads

Pay Per Click Ads

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Local Directories 

Other digital paths

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