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Branding & Graphic Design

If graphic design is not an extension of your

brand, as our art director likes to say,

"you're doing it wrong."


Graphic Design is Brand Expression

At SM Media Group, we are we are precision masters when it comes to graphic design. 

You should expect nothing less from your Ad Agency or Marketing Company.  We pride ourselves on creating head spinning ads and images that you can't forget. 

We will give your company a much needed edge over your competitors. You will stand out, you will be noticed and best of all...your bottom line will increase.

Simply put, we create designs that move consumers from thinking too buying.


Graphic design creeps into every form of advertising except for radio. This creative expression has a major influence on how consumers feel every aspect of your brand. We're talking everything from print ads, product displays, websites, to even your stationery. Everything with you mark on it says something about your company and what it offers.


The Style Book - Is Your Brand Working?

Control over your company marks is paramount in building a strong brand.

Did you know your logo is not your brand? A brand is an opinion the populous at large assigns to a set of marks that represents a product. This opinion is based on how well the product keeps its promise to its buyers. 


Keeping your promise begins with consistency, and that consistency carries over to how your brand is expressed. Brand books are created to control how the brand is used.

Every company doing over a million dollars in sales a year needs a BRAND BOOK.


The brand book is created to protect the brand by providing detailed instructions on how use the company’s marks. It describes the rules for brand execution for every possible medium.   (print, web, social media, video, tv etc.)


Over the years, we have been conditioned to associate different type styles, colors, and shapes with different industries. Even with colossal market shifts, branding in 2022 will require us to honor these definitions. With all of the disruption and uncertainty of our time, brand consistency, reliability, and trust will help merchants win the sale. 

Let the experts at our Ad Agency help you with your logo or a brand makeover. Our team creates ideas, and approaches that will get your market to understand exactly who are recognize the trust your brand deserves. 


Technology has changed everything.

Business owners struggle to understand the difference between marketing, advertising, production professionals & the imposters.

With the evolution of new powerful tools being developed almost daily, the past two decades has been very exciting. Now we can create amazing works of art in a fraction of the time, with even more fantastic effects right at our fingertips. This gave us the the ability to create in ways where technology and budgets were no longer a major limitation.


However, this also had a major negative effect on legitimate ad agencies and marketing companies. The barrier for entry dropped, I mean it really dropped. An entire group of imposters who portray themselves as a "marketing company" do business with a cellphone, laptop, a business card, and a cracked version of adobe. They completely mislead small business owners, and have very little to back up their creative decisions. 

These imposters turn out a lot garbage for cheap, and with a high demand for cheap graphics, in the mid 2000's it was a perfect storm. It was like a tidal wave of bad designs masked with cheesy effects dominated local ads and publications for almost two decades. Now everyone's stuff looks the same.


Branding in 2022 will look much different. Consumers are no longer responding to these type of low level "imitate the trend" promotional tactics.


We're all just numb to it. Companies, even the smaller ones, have realized that getting back to core market principles is the only way to make make meaningful connections with the market.

At SM Media Group, we have a process based in principle that works. It includes meticulously tending all aspect of your marketing and advertising efforts which adds up to what actually defines your brand. 

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