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Video Production Services
for the Trade...

Cinema quality video & audio production for Ad Agencies, Marketing Companies, PR Firms and Freelancers.


For Ad Agencies
Marketing Companies & PR Firms

SM Media Group wants to be your go-to-source for video production. We understand the forces between creative agencies and their clients. We handle our trade relationships with sensitivity and discretion regarding our client’s clients. Our video production team is experienced, professional and they are excellent at what they do. 


We have produced corporate videos for Starbucks, TV Commercials for The City of Pompano Beach, TV, internet and social media video content for Sicilian Oven, and many other happy clients. You can trust us with delivering high-level broadcast quality video, while honoring the vision of your creative director. 


Our production studio is open 24/7 for production projects, and our state-of-the-art gear and studio meets or exceeds industry standards.


Are you a freelancer?

We know it is hard working from your cars, your homes and coffee shops. Good news, we have a place for you to shoot.


We welcome you to enjoy our fully equipped studio with a small cyclorama chroma wall that is well lit and ready to go. Full service edit bay and recording studio. 


Video Production Gear

Cameras & Lenses

Canon C 300 Mark II x 2

Canon 5D Mark IV

Xeene  Cinema Primes 

20mm • 35mm • 50mm • 135mm

T 1.4 - T11

Sigma Cinema Zooms

18mm - 35mm • 50mm - 100mm

T2.0 - T11

Canon Servo Pro - Auto focus

18mm - 70mm

T4.5 - T11

Nikon Zoom - Auto Focus

70mm - 225mm

F-3.8 - F11

Monitor Recorders

Atomos Shogun Inferno x 2 4k Raw

Atomos Shogun Flam 4K Raw


Aputure D120  x  3 

Aputure D300  x 2

Fresnel Lens

Aputure Lantern x 2

Aputure Softbox x 2

Newer LED x 4

Small Color Changing LED x 5

Scrim 8' x 8'

Scrim 3' x 4'

Flagg / Reflector 3' x 4'

Audio Capture

F8 Zoom 8 track

Tascam 4 track

Atomos Inferno 

Phantom Power

Rode Shotgun NTG 3

Audio Technica x 2

Lewit Condensors x 2

Wireless Lavaliere x 8


Sachler 75mm fluid head tripod x 2

Zhiyun  Crane heavy duty gimbal

Rhino Slider motorized 42"

Rhino Panoramic motorized head

Manual slider 48"

Other Stuff

Remote and manual follow focus

Camera cages

Over the shoulder rigs

Video transmitters and monitors


C - Stands & booms

Light weight stands

Background rigs and clamps


Video Studio




Line Producer

Director of Photography

Cinematographer B & C

Production Assistants

First AD


Boom Operator


Video Studio Room Services





Cyclorama wall

Chroma color

Color change available


Small set build



Table Reads

Product setups


Sound Recording Services


• Song writing

• Film Scoring

• Custom Jingles

• Studio Musicians

• Sound Restoration


• Vocal tuning

• Professional sound recording

• Sound design custom sound effects

• Pro Mixing In Stereo - 3.1 & 5.1

• Pro Mastering


• Stock music libraries

• Simple beat libraries 

• Sound effects libraries

• Sound sample libraries


What's in the edit bay


Mac Pro Trashcan 12 core D700 with 64G Ram

65” OLED LG TV Monitor for Color Grading

27’ LG 4K Monitor

39” LG 4K Monitor


Tangent Wave2 Color Grading Control Surface

Wireless Keyboard

Trackball mouse


QCON Pro 24 channel automated mixing board

Avalon 737 Tube Mic Preamp and compressor

Scarlett 18i20i

Scarlett OctoPre

Genesis Pro CD burner

Behringer 4 input metal guitar preamp


Pro Tools Ultimate

Reason 12


Adobe Premiere

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Light Room

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Audition


Fina Cut Pro


DaVinci Resolve Full Version

Hundres of luts

Fonts and motion templates

Access to stock footage, photos and music

Making the music

Vintage Engl Guitar Tube Amp (only 6 in the states)

Black Star Guitar Tube Amp

Xtomp pedal

Spark amp mod

Sansamp Bass Guitar Preamp


Marshal  4 x 12 cabinet with Celestians 30w

Fender 2 x 12 cabinet with Celestians 25w geen backs


Roland D2000 88 weighed keys

Roland XP 30 60 keys

Roland Fantom S 60 Keys

DW 5 Piece Acoustic Drum Kit

Zildjian Cymbals x 15

Les Paul Studio x 2

Jackson Custom Shop

ESP Bass 5 sting

Guild Acoustic Guitar


Blue Mouse Condenser Mic Vintage

Lewitt 440 Pure Condenser Mic x 2

SM 57

SM 58

Lewitt MTP 440

AKG D112

Audix D4 x 3

Rode NTG 3 Shotgun

Audio Technica Shotgun

Plugins and suites

FX Factor

Crumple Pop

Smooth Transitions

Envato Elements

Neat Video 4 & 5

Waves Diamond

Abbey Road

API Saturation

Every Izotope plugins

All Soundtoys plugins

Fab Filter Mastering Suite

Too many more to list

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