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Our Ad Agency's In House Recording Studio 
located right here in Boca Raton

Do you need audio production for your video?

We know it is uncommon for an Ad Agency to have its own video production and audio production recording studio. However, we believe in only offering services that we have mastered ourselves. Take a tour of the place, you'll love it. 


Audio Production Recording Studio

SM Media Group's audio production recording studio is conveniently located in East Boca Raton, and is equipped with incredible analog gear paired with latest in digital signal processing. We are a Pro Tools house with almost every major high-end industry standard plugin. Our gear and software was curated by Bob Rosa, a two time Grammy award nominee for sound engineering. A few of his credits are Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey and Prince. To learn more about Bob click here. He is also part of our team as our top engineer.

Phillip Chase Weatherspoon has produced national artists, such as DMX, Sisqo and has credits and many sound tracks with record sales reaching over 12 million copies. Salvatore Marotta is our house engineer with over 20 years of music experience. His credits include producing, recording and mixing over 1000 songs...he has written recorded over 200 original songs, along with the score for the movie Matched. 


Audio is 50% of the quality in video production...

In video production, audio production accounts for 50% of the production value. This is the most common weakness for most production companies. We offer all of our audio services in our recording studio located in Boca Raton. No need to rent a third party studio, and we are not sending it out to be mixed in some freelancers bedroom.


Our clients love to come to the studio. It's such a fulfilling experience for us to share in our client's excitement when they listen and learn how we create and mix sound. It is actually a lot of fun for them and they always appreciate the skill and care it takes to make it sound pro! Click here for audio pricing.


The magic is in the music...

In video, the music tells us how to feel about what we are watching. It sets the mood, the pace, the tone, the energy, and it can make or break the video. Quality Audio production cna make or break the whole damn thing. At SM Media Group nearly everyone on the team is a trained musician and writer. There is never shortage of original ideas at our Ad Agency, inside our recording studio.


• Song writing

• Film Scoring

• Custom Jingles

• Studio Musicians

• Sound Restoration


• Vocal tuning

• Professional sound recording

• Sound design custom sound effects

• Pro Mixing In Stereo - 3.1 & 5.1

• Pro Mastering


• Stock music libraries

• Simple beat libraries 

• Sound effects libraries

• Sound sample libraries

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