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Feature Film & TV Production

Do you have a great script and absolutely no way to make the film? How about a great idea , but you need help with writing the script. If you answered yes, then scroll down to learn how to make these ideas a reality. 


Award Winning Filmmakers

As award winning filmmakers we can take your idea from script to screen. We offer filmmaking services to to creators who have the financial resources and the passion to make a film. If you are one of these rare individuals, we want to hear from you. 

Disclaimer: this service is not for people who are looking to raise money, or need us to invest our production services into their idea. CLICK HERE FOR A PRICING TOOL..


Short 3 minute film

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Filmmaking is about credibility...

Every jackass with an iPhone or a DSLR claims to be a filmmaker these days. It's exhausting sifting through the bullshit. Please excuse the language...there isn't any other impactful way to say it.  


We are actual filmmakers who made a FEATURE FILM and are signed with a major distribution company who have us streaming around the world.  Check out the trailer below...



Written and directed by Salvatore Marotta, Matched is a provocative character driven story that explores the obsessions, betrayals and psychosis of online dating. This movie is a modern day comedy-thriller that exposes our deepest desires, fears and vulnerabilities through online dating. 



A hopeful girl loses all self control when her online dating obsession fractures her reality after a scathing rejection leading to his betrayal and her brutal revenge. 


We Make Sizzle Reels

A great way to test the viability of an idea is to create a sizzle or mood reel. Sizzle reels are a representation of a film or TV show. Their runtimes range from a 3 – 8 minutes depending on the complexity of the idea. It’s like a long trailer that is designed to pitch an idea to investors, networks, streaming services and named cast.


Making a pilot or a feature film is financially out of reach for most people, but the sizzle is very approachable. If you have a burning desire to make something like this, don’t be shy, give us a call. Not only can we make your sizzle reel, we can get it in front of decision makers.


You can check out our feature film on Prime Video, Matched.

Development Services

 • Script writing

 • Casting

 • Location scouting

 • Set design

 • Costume design

 • Full production

 • Full postproduction

 • Cinema Delivery

 • Distribution

Film Types

 • Shorts

 • Features

 • Teasers

 • Sizzle Reels

 • Trailers

 • Documentaries

 • Documentary shorts

 • TV Pilots


 • Marketing concept 

 • Research

 • Pitch Deck

 • Photography

 • Graphics

 • Logo Design

 • Movie posters

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